Shiki Horror & Mystery Anime Adaptation Announced!


The blank expression of her eyes is somewhat creepy…

Recently opened, the website for the anime adaptation of Shiki — a horror mystery manga created by both Fuyumi Ono (writer of Ghost Hunt) and Ryu Fujisaki (illustrator of Soul Hunter) — revealed that the anime production of the series is currently in the works.

The story of revolves around an isolated mountain village which is home to about 1,300 people. Mysteriously the population of 1,300 started die in droves due to unknown causes, and it was later revealed that the village is being attacked by the forces of the undead.

The series indeed sounds and looks horrific. Unlike the mystery horror series of these days, it looks like Shiki will be majorly devoted towards the horror genre. No word on the release date, nor if it will be a TV anime or OVA, although sources had mentioned that a TV anime is highly possible!


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