Shin Koihime†Musō To Get New OVA On DVD/Blu-Ray!

Get ready for it before it’s gone!

Attention fans of Shin Koihime†Muso! If there’s anything that you might look forward to in the DVD/Blu-Ray versions of the anime series, here’s a treat for you: the DVD which will be shipped on the 7th of July will be coming with a special OVA!

Not much information has been revealed about this particular OVA, except that it will be taking place St. Francesca Academy. Apparently, after the battle of students has ended, the cast moves to a southern island. Other than that, nothing much else has been revealed.

It should be noted that another season of Shin Koihime†Muso has been announced, and it will be airing in Japan next April. A look through the website for the DVD shows that there’s a number of goodies involved for the first printing of the limited edition of the DVD. An oppai mousepad seems to be also of the more prizes goodies in the whole package, so if you’re one that loves this particular series, do not miss out on the chance!

Via: ANN.

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