[Shuudou shojo to guuzou shojo/修道少女と偶像少女]

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Been awhile since I posted! I have been pretty busy with many things, and was slightly (Verily) lazy, so I skip a few things that aren’t too important or life changing in the vocaloid community!

I thought I wouldn’t have anything interesting coming out of CosMoP after the [Disappearance of Hatsune Miku] and its subsequent longer version, but hey, yesterday night, I found this new one. It isn’t bad, and the video is pretty hilarious, if you get what is going on. Even if you don’t understand japanese, the PV pretty much everything! Enjoy life while you can, before you start regretting, like Miku in this video! <---(Excuse to be lazy) What are you looking at?!

In any case, support CosMoP by buying his new album on Vocalonation in July if you like his work.

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