SNK developing King of Fight- pewpew!


SNK has always been popular for their arcade games, such as their Metal Slug series and not forgetting their popular long running fighting game, King of Fighter, which is at least on par with Street Fighter in term of it’s popularity.

While Street Fighter has just recently got a new facelift on the whole series with Street Fighter IV, it seems that SNK has plans of their own.

While SNK is indeed developing a new game for the King of Fighter series, which is rapidly declining these days because of the lack of content, it seems that the new game would not be catered towards the fighting game scene.

Instead, the game is categorized under shoot ’em up, or specifically saying, you will control a flying character through a scrolling environment and… destroy enemies.


Looks pretty decent with all the pewpew huh?

This new game will probably introduce all the previous characters in the series, and puts them in the… well, air, and will pit the character against swarms of enemies. Using familiar skills that each character has, you’ll be able to destroy these waves with relative ease! The game also supports 2 players mode.

With that said, definitely a weird direction that SNK is heading. King of Fighter is definitely famous for it’s fighting genre, but SNK decides for a new gane, they are gonna bring the series into another direction. What the heck are they thinking?

This new King of Fighter game is tentively named, “King of Fighter — Sky Stage“, and is set to be released only on the Xbox Live Arcades, not anywhere else at the moment.

I guess those who loved the King of Fighter series, as well as loving Touhou (or any shoot ’em up in general) will probably come to love this game a lot more, but really…


Source: Joystiq and Kotaku.

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