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If you’ve been surfing NotCliche for sometime now, you’ll probably notice that NotCliche’s layout is kind of cluttered. Things here and there, basically, contents are everywhere around the whole place. Of course, it is somewhat confusing for the first timers, so I’ve decided to do something about the blog’s layout.

One thing that I’ve always thought about: using the footer as a way to communicate between posts. Obviously, the Google Ad down there isn’t doing anything, while some of the posts had some redundant features such as “Comment RSS” and “Trackbacks” which no one really looks at.


The footer has been completely renovated!

While retaining a vast majority of the previous one, I’ve made the Footer to completely widget-ed, so I can deliver more content to any of the viewers at any given time. You can check out some of the more popular posts in NotCliche view the footer, as well as some of the people on the NotCliche Network and Affiliates.

Other than that, the total amount of posts displayed at once is reduced to 5 posts instead of 10 posts. This will allow people to go through the blog in a relatively easy way, as there isn’t too much information being displayed at once. RSS Feed has also been updated to display up to 30 feeds at once.

I’ve also removed the Comment RSS and Trackback icons from there. This will allow more tags on the post to appear at once without breaking that particular 1-line rule for the blog.

Of course, the whole point of this particular post is to ask opinions from you. While changes had been made, I’m not exactly sure if these are the changes that people would be comfortable with, and the only way to know is to ask. Therefore, if you guys have any suggestions or criticism about the current revision of the layout, do drop me a comment here or you can always head down to the Contact Form and drop me a message there.

And of course, nothing better to celebrate a new revision by hanging up a new banner. Thanks to Malzias for providing NotCliche with such a nice banner. I’ll be switching the banner to a rotation banner so that there can be multiple banners being shown in a single stay… soon.

Well, either way, I hope NotCliche will be a more enjoyable stay for anyone and everyone in the future!

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