Some Details About Ragnarok Online PSP

Some details have surfaced from Famitsu regarding the gameplay and story details of Ragnarok: The Imperial Princess of Light and Darkness. Confirmed as a strategy game, the game will feature 14 different job-classes, straight from the online game itself.

This is how the game will look.

So far, Famitsu have revealed 3 of the classes and they are Lord Knight, High Wizard and Champion. These 3 classes are also the classes for some of the important characters that appears in the game, such as the main character, Torene, who is a champion. Yuri, a Lord Knight and a girl called Cynthia, who is a High Wizard.

Counting all the classes that fits into the rebirth-class categories (Lord Knight etc), it seems like there’s only 12 classes at maximum. Wonder what the other 2 job-classes are… maybe they are the expanded classes (gunslinger, ninja)?

It’s unclear if the game will allow the player to go through class changes like how the DS/Online game was like, but it looks like Torene would be starting out as a Champion as soon as the game starts. The game is seemingly using 3D models on 2D background, which is the complete opposite of how Ragnarok Online was like (2D sprites on 3D worlds).

Champion of Ragnarok Online.

High Wizard of Ragnarok Online.

Lord Knight of Ragnarok Online.

To be completely honest, it seems like the game’s charm is now totally gone, seeing how ugly the models are. Then again, who knows, maybe they would revise their character designs…

Ragnarok PSP, or rather, Ragnarok: The Imperial Princess of Light and Darkness is expected to make release in Japan sometime in Spring.

Looks like many of the attacks from RO makes a return in the PSP game.

Sniper job-class revealed?


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