Some (more) Details For Neptune mk-2

Recent scan leaks for Neptune mk-2 has revealed even more of the game, and this time round, it’s the antagonists of the game.


While the protagonists of the game are now called “Sisters“, the antagonists are ironically called, “The Hearts“. The scan shows that there’s 4 evil villains, with a certain Miku-looking character called “Magic the Heart” leading the antagonist team, conveniently called “4 Elites”. Each of the 4 elites are kind of interesting, each with a particular explanation behind them.

Trick the Heart: Born from the hatred of those who failed to clear their game due it’s difficulties. (top)
Brave the Heart: Joined Magic the Heart because he wants poor children to play games as well. (left)
Judge the Heart: Born from the hatred of failed game creators. (right)
Magic the Heart: Not much information, although it’s speculated that she’s actually the antagonist from the first Neptune game! (bottom)

Each of the “The Hearts” have some sort of mecha designs to themselves. It’s unknown, how the girls of Neptune mk-2 will be encountering them, although early screenshots suggests that Magic the Heart is involved with the 4 goddess in some way or another.


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