Sony To Launch “Welcome Back Package” Prior To PSN’s Return

Sony’s Playstation Network, which is down since 20th April is expected to make a return sometime next week, alongside with a “Welcome Back Package” as mentioned by Kazuo Hirai during a press conference which was held yesterday.

The downtime of the Playstation Network was due to an illegal intrusion which had created quite a headache for a huge amount of people and Sony themselves, considering it’s possible that PSN user’s personal information such as address, names and even credit numbers could be potentially leaked.

During the press conference, Sony mentions that the restoration of PSN will be a gradual one, with core services returning to each region, one at a time. Priority of restoration goes towards multiplayer gaming and access to account management.

Sony had also implemented quite a number of new security feature and as soon as the player tries to access the PSN, they will need to update their consoles with a new firmware, as well as a change of passwords before they can successfully access their accounts. It was mentioned that changing of passwords from now on will only be made available on that particular console that the account was activated on, or via a validated e-mail confirmation.

The “Welcome Back Package”, as mentioned by Hirai, as part of the “good-will promises” that was made by Sony a couple of days back. The package will be made available to all current PSN subscribers, regardless they are Plus members or not, and will differ a little throughout each region. According to Hirai, although there’s no specifics to how much money was used in the whole package, he estimates that everyone gets around a few thousand yen worth of free downloads. That roughly translates to around USD20+.

The “Welcome Back Package” is mentioned to centered around these:

  • A free download content which will be different between regions. More information about this will be released in a later date.
  • All existing Playstation Network users will be given a 30-days Plus membership. All current Plus members will be receiving a free 30-days extension upon their existing subscription.

Sony mentioned that additional packages will be rolled out as the PSN returns back to full service.

If you’re interested, you can read up on the whole press release of Sony regarding the return of PSN.

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