Sora no Woto Launching Manga Adaptation

The upcoming Winter anime, So-Ra-No-Wo-To, has been officially announced that there will be a manga adaptation of the anime, and the first issue will be released this 27th of November.

According to the anime’s official website, the manga will be illustrated by artist Shinbayagi. Not much details about how the manga would be like in comparison to the anime, although it is expected that the manga should follow the anime version quite closely.

The anime version will be premiering this Winter. If you’re interested, a trailer was posted on their official website about 2 months ago. You can find the trailer here, and more information with regards to the series itself here.

Sora no Woto follows the story of a 15 years old girl called Kanata Kumika. In the future world where it was once scarred by numerous wars, the world has finally settled into a peaceful decline. Kanata Kumika, would later enlist herself with the army and is assigned to guard a fortress along with a unit of 4 other girls.

Music will play an important role in the series, seeing that the series has a heavy emphasis on the girls playing instruments which reverberate across the skies, over towns without people and seas without fish.

I really doubt that there would actually be fighting going on, since this seems to be a rather peaceful series albeit the military-like setting, but who knows…

Via: ANN.

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