S.O.Y.A 2009 @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic!


Sorry for being late with the posting, the photographer was a little held up with the work that he had, and was unable to pass me the photographs that both of us has captured on that day.

Simply put, SOYA (start of year, again!) had been a pretty nice event, with a decent amount of cosplayers around showcasing their costumes and stuffs like that. There’s even a karaoke competition too!

Arriving at about 1p.m in the afternoon, the general area for the whole event is kind of empty. Although there were cosplayers around already (event starts at 11am…), the amount of people there isn’t a lot. Renako, IFreedom and I decided to go have our lunch first after getting our Media Passes, since there aren’t much people around at that time…

After getting back from our lunch (met up with Silencer too!), we noticed that the whole area has completely changed. It’s flooded with more cosplayers and people! Maybe it has something to do with don’t-come-so-early kind of idea…

To be honest, the whole area of the event isn’t big in comparsion to the amount of cosplayers around.

First time using a DSLR camera here (some photos are taken by me, but majority is taken by IFreedom), so bear with me while I bring some pictures up here… Actually, it’s the first time both of us are using one… so yeah.

Image has also been rescaled so that it wouldn’t be too big… but still looks a little weird to me.

Either way… here goes:












After being outside for sometime… it’s time to move into the lecture halls in the area, as there are events ongoing in them. The first thing I noticed when I entered the place is that the lecture hall is so much bigger that the ones that are in my school! They’ve got good seats too! Excellent air-conditioning, as well as awesome lightning! Ugh! Why can’t this happen in my school?! Why?!

*coughs* Setting that aside… the lecture hall is supposingly to showcase some Gothic Lolita fashion, as well as some of the singing competitions that are happening there. There was about 8 singers, and all of them brought us nice songs, and it’s really a nice place to be at, actually.

Due to some people behind me saying that I’m tall, and is blocking their cameras from taking pictures, I opted to sit on the steps, and wasn’t really able to get some excellent shots that some of the people have, since they are sitting in the first few rows.

Either way, here goes again:









And right after this… we left, since we’ve got things to attend to for the evening. But nonetheless, it was great performance and experience being there, and will definitely look forward to the next one!

And oh, before I end this post…


Bill is looking for some zombies. Have you seen one?

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