SOYA – Start of year, again! – 2009!


and once again, we start off the year with an event!

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Time — 11am to 6pm,

Location — Ngee An Polytechnic, LT2B.

Date — 31th January 2009!

The start of the year brings about a new set of events that are in Singapore. S.O.Y, is just one of the many cosplaying events that will be happening in the course of the year.

A little introduction to SOY. SOY is hosted by the local Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and specifically saying, by their own interest group, called Japanese Tsubasa Club. It was formed in the year 2000, and had been rather active since. S.O.Y.A is quite a catchy name, and it stands for Start Of Year Again!

Either way, SOY has been a running event since sometime ago. I’ve got no idea when SOY became active, since this is gonna be my first time anyway.

Since SOYA is gonna be hosted at a polytechnic with lots of open space, there would probably be a lot of outdoor shots around, so get your cameras ready if you’re attending the event!

Just a heads up before you guys starts going off with the camera idea. Rules stated that you must register with them in order to bring cameras into the vinicity. Camera, being any camera with the exception of handphone cameras. Be it for personal usage or use for media, it is a requirement that people register on their site so that to gain “permission” to take photos. Don’t ask me why, since I’ve got no idea.

However, registration doesn’t take long anyway… so might as well, I guess.

Like-wise, all common rules like asking permission from cosplayers and other stuff applies, but I think it’ll be better for you guys to look through the rules yourselves, instead of me relaying the message.

Anywaaaay! Do check out the site for yourselves to better understand the whole process and stuff, in an event that you’re going. In the meantime, let me bug IFreedom for his dSLR camera so that we can produce better quality picture than the previous events that we’ve covered. Till then!

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