Space Invaders Movie Is More And More Possible

There had been some mentions of a possible Space Invaders movie sometime last year, but details weren’t confirmed since Taito and the producers from Hollywood were engaged in negotiations. But the wait’s over for anyone who is keen on the movie: Hollywood has officially secured the license for making a Space Invaders movie.

Apparently, the movie is currently in it’s planning stages with producers of the movie hiring people to pen a script for the movie. To be completely honest, there’s no telling how this particular movie would go; Space Invaders has absolutely no story in the original game and all the player really did was to shoot down alien spacecrafts while using the barriers to “block” against certain atta–… oh wait!

They could probably make some sort of sci-fi movie where aliens is attacking Earth and the only defense left for Earth is 4 barriers and a lone spaceship to shoot down waves after waves of aliens moving in a particular pattern! Sounds great for a movie!


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