Square Enix Hires People For Next-Gen Game Engine

Hey look, Final Fantasy 7 fans! It might be possible that your Final Fantasy 7 remake fix is coming soon!

Square Enix is said to be starting work on a next generation game engine that will quite literally blow away some of the strong developers in the game industry. And the very fact that they are using Cloud as a teaser picture gives us the chance to create some speculation of our own!

Calling their next generation engine as a revolution for them, as the world of game developing does not need reforms anymore, they are currently recruiting talented individuals for their projects which spans across both Xbox 360 and PS3. Looks like PC gaming is out of Square Enix’s scope now…

If you’re interested in the recruitment page of Square Enix, you can head over this link and have a little look see. Apparently, Square Enix is hiring only specialized people, and there are several positions available at Square Enix for interested parties to take part in this next generation game engine. Some of the position might be tied to the development of Final Fantasy 14, or maybe some other online Final Fantasy game, as Square Enix is also looking for experienced online system programmers that could handle large scale client programing.

“At Square Enix, in anticipation of the appearance of next generation platforms, we’ve started development on a new generation game engine for competing beyond the level of the strong developers throughout the world, and are presently seeking a lot of talent.”

Final Fantasy 13 looks great and yet Square Enix is moving onto creating yet another game engine for their games? And judging from the teaser picture, one would wonder if the first game to be running on the new engine would be the remake of Final Fantasy 7…

Via: Andriasang.

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