Square Enix Teaches You English

With their upcoming iPhone titled as “Learn Practical English Through Real Conversation: Summer Story“. Quite a long title, don’t you think?

In the game, the player will find themselves in charge of 4 heroines — Alison Lloyd, Charlotte Ryan, Elizabeth “Lisa” Ferguson, and Karen Morikawa Turner — all hailing from different English countries, who had came to Japan to study, and in the process, lets the user learn practical English through the dialogues which are spoken in fully English. Let’s not miss out on dating opportunities, but that’s not the focus of the game, right?

The idea is to let people learn how to speak English through everyday dialogues, and a visual-novel-esque game might just be the idea to let people learn the language in a fun and easy way. Effective or not… well, we wouldn’t know that!

Of course, if you’re already reading this, you probably wouldn’t need to learn English, seeing that you can read and understand English anyway. But you can still use the App for another use: learning Japanese sentence structure. Each of the English sentence has a similar Japanese sentence together with it. Assuming you know how to read basic Japanese, this App might just be the App you need to start formulating conversational sentences!

You can find this App on the iPhone App store for a little as 800 yen!

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