Square Enix Would Like To Try Another Final Fantasy Movie

Artwork by: roboto @ Pixiv.

Let’s face it people, Final Fantasy had an incredible run. Regardless of it being a game, movie or merchandise, Final Fantasy has managed to rake in an awesome amount of sales and all. Well, with the exception of Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within, but other than that, it’s pretty successful with Advent Children, no?

Shinji Hashimoto, Senior Vice President of Square Enix is looking for the possibility of yet another Final Fantasy movie. When a Korean site Gameshot asked if they are considering yet another Final Fantasy movie after the massive success of Advent Children, Shinji replied that while they hadn’t thought about it, he would like to make an movie if he is given the chance to.

With technology growing everyday, new kinds of graphics are placed into the screen. Primarily one of the reason why Shinji wants to create a new movie. Not too bad of a idea anyway, I’m pretty sure people want to see some of the theatrical rendition of their favourite Final Fantasy games!

Via: Siliconera.

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