Super Lengthy Final Fantasy 14 Presentation Shows Gameplay Footage

For now, the only official trailer that shows some Final Fantasy 14 gameplay would be the limit-break trailer who was release several days ago. For those who are still unsatisfied with the amount of gameplay footage that was shown in the trailer might just find this one hour long video presentation to be extremely interesting.

The one hour video is actually the presentation of a special talk session which was held earlier this month where the producer of the game, Naoki Yoshida, demonstrated the game in front of an audience alongside with some members of the development team. The demonstration shows a good amount of gameplay footage too.

Final Fantasy 14 is currently gearing up towards Alpha Testing for the PC version, so interested parties can head down to their alpha testing portal to sign up.

And oh, remember to enable closed captions, there’s English subtitles there for you to see!

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