Super Mario Balance Block

The awesome game!

Thinking about it, Mario really does have a sad life. Starting off by saving people all the way to galaxies even, but that’s still not enough! There’s always another challenge for Mario to conquer.

This time, it is much worse for him. As what may be his biggest challenge up to date, Mario has been placed with a task — to climb a tower that will fall in the end, in the form of Super Mario Balance Block, a table-top Jenga derivative which will be released in Japan this November. Super Mario Balance Block somehow follows traditional Jenga gameplay with Super Mushrooms.

However, it doesn’t look like Super Mario Balance Block will be officially released in other countries.

Will Mario, once again, finish this impossible challenge with the aid of the Super Mushrooms? I doubt not though.


On a side note, most of you would know that Netto, has already went for his National Service, so this is Netto’s brother posting. Comments are appreciated to this post, and also to how I can improve on my writing/posting skills.



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