Super Street Fighter 4 Provides New Multiplayer Experience


Anyone who plays SF4 would have to agree with me on this. The biggest joy about playing SF4 is probably beating the crap out of others, be it being online on PSN or XBL or simply duking it out with the guy that’s sitting beside you. After all, fighting games are about beating the crap out of your opponent, right?

Recently updated on the SF4 Development blog, the developers thinks that it’s time for them to reveal the multiplayer side of Super SF4.

Technical Director Masahiro Taguchi started off the post by admitting that the original SF4 was a little lacking in the network component (multiplayer). While you’ve got all the basic things you’ll need for a game to get started, Taguchi feels that the current networking component does not promote a community at all. Another thing is that having these quick-fights does not convey the feeling of players when they come together for a fight. Therefore, in the Super iteration of SF4, the development team’s main focus is to give a better networking experience for all the players.

For example, one of the first examples that were revealed includes a team-based networking session. The team-based network game would support up to 8 players at once, although each fight will still only contain 2 players at one time. The other 6 players will be acting as spectators until it’s their turn to finally fight. You can think this as a powered-up fight request system, where a bunch of players could come together and duke it out in a one-on-one match.

There’s also the inclusi0n of a mode called the Endless Mode. I’m not exactly sure about what does this mean, but according to sources, the mode tries to replicate the arcade experience of having to give up your seat to another player. This will also allow you to monitor how the next player would play like.

Other than the fighting part of the game, it seems that Super Street Fighter 4 will be coming with a special community feature called “comments”. Essentially, this is basically a sort of comment that would be displayed whenever you enter a game. Unfortunately, due to concerns about abuse of the comment system, comments are limited to a few pre-set ones. But still a neat feature, nonetheless.

The new multiplayer experience promised in Super Street Fighter 4 is actually quite extensive. After covering quite a little bit about the new experience, there’s actually still quite a lot of these new features that have yet to be announced. More details to follow when the SF4 dev team updates their blog!

Via: Andriasang.

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