Taking Examinations With Your Nintendo DS


Nintendo currently stands at the top of the charts for total amount of consoles sold. Specifically the Nintendo DS, and the recently released DSi. It’s not surprising though, lots of people love Nintendo for their wide variety of games that suits a wide range of people.

So, we can use the Nintendo DS to play games, do communication with friends, take pictures with the DSi, but Japan decides to introduce something else to the already multi-function DS. Yep, that’s right, allowing students to use their Nintendo DS to start taking tests in school.

A Kyoto-based game maker has teamed up with Sharp System Products to produce a game named Nintendo DS Classroom. Sounds funky, eh?

The function are as funky as the name suggests. This particular game will allow students with Nintendo DS to take tests with their very own gadget. All these are managed by the Teacher’s local network, which can be created by using a PC. Once the network is up and running, students with the game can connect to the network and start doing their exercises/tests!

This is not the first time which we see a handheld console being used for studying purposes. It would seems like students in Kyoto Prefecture’s Yawata City have been using the DS for studying of English Vocabulary.

But really. To use a DS to take tests? I’ve been longing for taking tests using a laptop or something, but it’ll probably never happen here. However, it does bring about a whole bunch of “if”s and “what”s. You get the idea.

Via: Kotaku.

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