Tales of Graces F Officially Announced For NA Release

For those who have been following the daily teaser of Namco Bandai closely, the long awaited announcement of Tales of Graces F has finally been announced! While Namco Bandai has not announced any details regarding that game’s dates and all, it’s still good news for any Tales fans out there!

You can check out the official announcement via the teaser website, although it has been updated into more of an announcement sites of sorts..

Some of you might notice that there was no mention of the Tales of Vesperia logo that appeared in the teaser yesterday. It might just be some methods of teaser and all, considering how Tales of Vesperia didn’t get an announcement on the site. This piece of news might leave some Vesperia fans disappointed, but on the bright side, at least we’re getting Tales of Graces F!

…Which also means that Namco Bandai might start bringing more English localized games!

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