Tales of Xillia: Clearer Look at Alvin

Tales games usually have a whole bunch of characters which the players can use to form up their party. Tales of Xillia is no exception to this, and while an announcement about a 3rd playable character named Alvin was made a couple of weeks ago, only a fuzzy image gave us an idea of how Alvin is like.

According to the game developers, Alvin is a skilled mercenary who is not the person many people think he is. Alvin hides his true intentions well (reminds of me Raven from Vesperia…) and is planning for something that we don’t know. Alvin uses guns and swords, making use of the combination in a variety of techniques and battles.

Tales of Xillia is expected to make a release sometime late this year for Japan. No word about an English localization for the game, although Namco Bandai is teasing an English localization for Tales of Graces F at their teaser website. Maybe if Graces F does well, Xillia would have a chance!

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