Tales of Xillia Has 600,000 Shipped On Day Two Of Release

The numbers just keep on rising for Tales of Xillia! Namco Bandai revealed yesterday that the game had topped a whooping 500,000 shipped mark on it’s first day. Mainichi is reporting that Tales of Xillia shipped an additional 100,000 today.

Well, some would wonder how much of that massive 600,000 unit shipment are actually sold to gamers. Retailer blogs are reporting strong sales for the game(you could expect the amount of shipments to rise like nobody’s business I suppose), but if you want specific reports, guess we’ll just have to wait for Media Create’s sales figures next week!

They are also still promoting the Tales of Xillia swimsuit Downloadable Content.

Amazing how popular Tales of Xillia is, ain’t it?



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