Tales of Xillia New Character Revealed

This week’s Weekly Shounen Jump has revealed a new character for Tales of Xillia. The newly introduced character is called Alvin and specializes in using a combination of guns and swords. Shounen Jump had also list that Alvin is the 3rd party character to be in the game and will be voiced by Tomokazu Sugita!

Not much details regarding the character nor the game has been released thus far, although Xillia is generally focused on the theme of “Steadfast Conviction”. Those who are good with their phrase and guessing games might want to think of how the storyline would flow!

The game seems to feature an artstyle that is entirely different from Vesperia and Graces. Tales of Xillia is aiming for a 2011 release in Japan, while no announcement regarding a US/EU version has been yet made.

Most Tales games would have up till 6 or 7 different party-able characters in their game. If Alvin’s the 3rd character, that means that we’ve got at least 3 more to go!

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