Tayutama — First Impressions comes with a Hadouken!


What happens when an seal that contains an ancient god is broken, and all the evils within it has been released? I do wonder!

Good first impression counts, and that’s definitely what Tayutama intends to do. Starting off with an intense fight scene between the humans and some mystical creatures, and finally getting sealed off and the works, the real story begins to unfold.


Bringing us back to the present, the episode introduces us to a few core characters in the series, namely Yuu (the main male character), Ameri (a core female character) and Sankuro (sub-character I guess?).


I wonder if it’s only me, but this scene certainly looks weird.

While fixing Ameri’s bike due to her demands, Yuu’s father comes into the scene, and says something about trouble in school. The trouble turns out that the expansion of the school was brought to a halt due to a find of some wooden tablet that was stuck on the ground, much like what happened during the start of the episode.

After some investigation, it turned out that the tablet is actually the tablet hosts the goddess that Yuu’s family worships, and there’s a need for some exorcism (or so I think. Wikipedia states otherwise) because of the amount of spirits around the area.


Somehow, this reminds me of Inuyasha.

Nevertheless to say, Yuu accidentally summons the goddess herself, which explains the significance of the tablet being there. However during an accident, Ameri ends up destroying the tablet, and all the spirits were freed into the human world.

While the tablet is gone, there will be no one governing these spirits and the goddess powers draining, she uses her last remaining power to produce a child, and entrusts it to Yuu, for the sake of the co-existance between humans and Tayutai.


Oh, this can sound so…

After a short confrontation between the newly born child (and she is quite strong at that!) and the 3 great evils in the Tayutai ranks, Yuu brings the exhausted child back to his home. Things quickly progress from there, and when Yuu finds that the girl has a liking towards marshmellows, he decided to name her Mashiro.


Generally speaking, Tayutama is I wouldn’t say that Tayutama has the best animation quality, since there’s some movement that aren’t smooth, and there has been some uneven things here and there… but some of these can’t be avoided.


Very blurrish while moving upwards…

But still, the animation quality is good, and it’s still proceeds quite smoothly, so there isn’t anything I would complain about anyway.

The story is still cool thus far. I was thinking that I would be watching the history of the whole series in the first episode, but I guess I was wrong. I actually thought some of the moves executed by the characters at the start of the show as rather cool!

While the OP has yet to make it’s appearance, I’m actually quite looking forward towards the OP, since the OP for the game itself (anime is adapted from a game) has quite a nice OP, so I’m expecting something like that.

OP of the game.

The ED is okay in my opinion, since it’s not exactly my liking, but it’s still acceptable regardless!

Tayutama has done pretty well for a first episode, but there are times where Mashiro’s voice gets onto my nerves. It’s good to have cute characters, but having too much of a high-pitched voice to go along is really… too much. But thank god, that child-version of Mashiro only lasts for awhile.


Sankuro looks quite awesome to be honest.

And on another note, Sankuro actually looks quite awesome with his Brock-like face, his headphones and cap. I wonder if he’ll play a bigger role than the other characters that I’ve seen in other shows such as Clannad.

Either way, Tayutama has a good first episode to say the least, with plenty of laughs here and there, while still retaining the same supernatural qualities that is the main focus of the series. However, this is still a little early to say anything about it, I guess I’ll watch a few more episodes before deciding on how good Tayutama is in all.

And of course, screencaps!


Somehow, the man at the back looks like Tripitka.


This puts Ryu and Ken to shame.


Look at all those Tayutama’s in the skirts!


“Comrades! We’ll commandeer this girl and conquer the world!”


*inserts debate about human’s thoughts*


Ameri’s attempts doing a stunt.


Where have I seen this scene before… I remember it’s from some show with a blue hedgehog.


They got surprisingly close in such a short time!


Uneven eyes ftl.


Is it me, or does the scene coincides with the subs well?


Wait, is this a love confession?!


So, this means taking an oath. WAIT, WHAT?


Yuu gets owned by Ameri.


I’m interested in it too!


And every single show with a father at home won’t have a lack of this!

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