Teach Yourself To Anal Masturbation With This Manga Guide


Bookstores selling stacks of these!

Typically, I ain’t one that usually mention about masturbation and all of the these stuffs, but this one just has to be mentioned regardless of what.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but to feel a part of me dying a little after noticing that there’s actually such a guide around. But alas, it seems that the world of manga has no boundaries, as it finally found it’s way into the world of guiding would-be anal mastubaters to… uh, success?

Titled as “I can do it myself ~Beginners guide to ananie for guys~”, this guide is dedicated towards the male audience with the goal of guiding them on how to do anal masturbation. The guide comes in a total of 7 chapters, completed with some manga and detailed illustration. However, if you’re thinking of something between the lines of hentai, you’ll probably be sorely disappointed.

Chapter 1: Before we start
Chapter 2: The first step
Chapter 3: The mechanics behind all this
Chapter 4: Lets try using some tools
Chapter 5: Dry orgasm
Chapter 6: Try different things after you’re used to it
Chapter 7: We can do it with two people too

Costing at about 1,500 yen per copy, some people might think this would make an excellent Christmas present for their friends. But as for me, I’m still pretty much in the state of shock and… well, I can’t really find words to describe it. You can find more pictures of the guide itself from AkibaBlog.

Oh, by the way… who thinks the cover page of the guide is really a female, or is it simply a trap?

Via: Canned Dogs.

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