Team Fortress 2 — Daily Stunts #3

Welcome to the 3rd issue of Daily Stunts, proudly presented by Yours Truly.

And now. Today, we introduce the man who had made it all possible. Without him, you wouldn’t see planes, you wouldn’t see buildings, much less your drainage pipes.

One fine day, an idea struck him.

How does it feel to be like a bird? Able to feel the winds for myself?

The results is truly spectacular:


Until then.

Actually, everyone should respect the Engineer, even if he is the worst fighter in the whole team. He provides you with backup fire, guards places, provides health and ammo and even transports fighters to the front lines!

The only thing I feel lacking about the Engineer is that… he is a little dull to play.

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Aspiring artist! One of these days, he might just make it... somewhere!