Team Fortress 2 Last SITREP: Victory! Soldier Wins Gunboats!


Victory! Soldier wins the war!

Gentlemen. This will be the last situation report we’ve got here. As of today, the Soldier faction has won over the bomb-loving Demo fascism. This is indeed a great victory over the Demos, but as many would have claim that the war’s finally over, it has really only started.

As many would have known by now, the war is officially over and the Soldier has won. Both the Demomen and Soldiers had put up a pretty good fight, but the Demomen had lose by a mere 25,000+ amount of kills. So close, yet so far!

In the course of a few days, all Demomen and Soldiers will be receiving their promised equipments. All three of them, except the Soldier will be receiving a fourth piece of equipment, which will undoubtedly give them an edge in combat.


The Gunboats is really just a pair of shoes.

This piece of equipment, called the Gunboats, is a special one-of-a-kind equipment that reduces the damage taken from doing rocket jumps. In the past where people had no stairs to climb to their house, people often took the next best option: using rocket jumps to get to their destinations, although more than often with various devastating effects on their well-being.

The Gunboats will allow Soldiers to rocket jump to great heights, without the risk of doing too much damage to themselves. Nothing more special to that, except you’ll lose a secondary slot which contains your shotgun. One would wonder how will this aid the Demomen…

But either way! The update is now LIVE so go onto Team Fortress 2 and start earning some achievements! The crafting system is also up, so have fun exercising your Engineering brains as you bring out some pretty awesome hats and weapons!

And also, if you’ve not tried TF2, here’s your chance with the War Update. Free weekends for everyone!

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