Team Fortress 2 War Update: Soldiers Faces Off Demomen!


Remember that mysterious friendship thing that had been going around the internet since the 7th December update for Team Fortress 2? Seems like people are spot on with regards to it being the next class update, as Valve has came up with what they call, the War update as both Demomen and Soldiers battle it out for supremacy!

If you’re wondering what this update is really like, it’s basically every single other class update, except you get to decide whose the winner in this particular war!

How do you determine the winner then? It’s actually pretty easy: just get onto any servers in TF2, choose either Demoman or Soldier, then proceed to blast each other’s brains and guts out! Each kill is award with a point, and this will be counted towards the overall points for either class, which is recorded on Valve’s TF2 website.

What’s the prize for winning the war then? While there isn’t much details on what they are getting on top the usual 3 unlocks, it seems that the winner of the war will be able to obtain the secret, exclusive seventh weapon which will only be unlocked for the class that wins the war! What does it do? How does it look like? Why is it even there? We have no idea until the end of the week!

For more information about the daily death statistics of Demomen and Soldiers through this page. The page will also be releasing more information, such as new maps as well as the standard unlock weapons or items.

The war will only last for a week, so get out there and start blasting the crap out of each others beer bottles or helmets! I am rooting for the Soldier!

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