Team Fortress 2 Went Free, Others Develops Plugin To Block Free Players

You might probably have heard of the whole TF2 going free for sometime now and it’s definitely good news for people who had yet to play the game. At least, until they join a server that instant-bans them for playing on a free copy.

While TF2 has indeed went free to play (hoho, all those F2P FPS games out there might suffer a little bit), there’s still a certain angry bunch of people who says otherwise. A plugin for server hosters has been developed and this little tool allows server hosters to remove any players who hadn’t paid for the game from their servers.

A little harsh, but some players finds it justified.

However, the plugin isn’t entirely fool-proof, or at least it’s designed that way. Any free-playing player would simply purchase anything from the Mann Co. store on TF2 to unlock the same “premium” status that paid-players are already enjoying, and effectively bypassing this particular plugin. Author of the plugin had expressed that it’s specifically designed this way, since it’s no longer possible for anyone to purchase new copies of TF2.

On the brighter side, even if players do get barred from certain servers, there’s always Valve’s official server as the alternative. And since the tool is a plugin of sorts, server hosters can opt not to install this particular plugin. Most won’t anyway, considering not many care much about these things.

But as far as the (some) paid players are concerned, as long as the free players are off from their servers, it’s all back to normal in TF2. Harsh? Very harsh.


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