Team Fortress 2 — Surprise, The Spy Update!


Valve has pulled a fast one on us today. While everyone is screaming, “I SPY A SPAH WITH MY LITTLE EYE!“, “SPAH AROUND HERE!“, “BLOODY SPAH!“, who would have actually known that it’s actually quite damn true!

People in the Steam Community Forums had actually noticed something strange about the Sniper Update when the Razorback was first released. Yes, there was a Spy uncloaking/cloaking behind the Sniper. However, the picture later turned into just the Sniper himself, and this brought on a whole load of theory about the whole update being a farce, and it’s actually the Spy that is receiving the update.


Oh, poor Sniper.

Well, they were actually half right. Yes, the Spy will be receiving an update. This makes Valve’s first dual-class update where two classes are being updated ar the same time.

Day 4 doesn’t give the Sniper any new toys, except maybe a knife in the back as what you can see in the top picture. Instead, the Spy gets two new gadget, namely the “Dead Ringer” Spy Watch, and “Cloak and Dagger” Spy Watch.

The “Dead Ringer” has a design of those old pocket watches, but looks can be deceiving. While using that, you can generate a copy of you being dead for a total of 8 seconds while cloaking you during that time frame. By the time your “image” has disappeared, the enemy should disappear along with your image!

The “Cloak and Dagger” is another unique watch that the Spy gets to choose from. This particular watch will regenerate it’s cloak meter as long as you stand still. Moving around will drain it’s power, but standing still will passively regenerate the power. However, you’re unable to do tactical sabotage, such as stealing an Engineer’s metal supply. Well, I suppose you can always shoot off a few rounds from your revolver before that, but really, that’s not a good idea. I can now visualize the amount of ninja caps now.

And no, the Sniper gets nothing on the 4th day. I guess we’ll have to wait till next week to see what are details on the Sniper and Spy Update.

Before this, Valve did mention about the Sniper update being the largest update that they had ever worked on. They would be introducing a whole load of features and content, but who would have known that they are actually pulling a double-update on us?

Before you start crediting anyone on the Steam Community Forums about this amazing guess, you should know that majority of the people there starts screaming Spy update whenever Valve announces an update pack. Now that the Spy update is finally revealed, there’s no more reason for anyone to scream Spy update the next time a pack comes out.

And oh, on another note, I think I can quit playing Heavy for sometime now.

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