Team Fortress 2’s Engineer Gets Hold Of Secret Blueprints, Update Impending?!

After a brutal month of waiting, Valve might soon deliver what the Steam Community has been shouting for oh so long: the engineer update. Since the release of the update teaser, everyone on the Steam Community Forums has been throwing up conspiracy theories, fake weapon updates, plausible weapon details and all the likes. However, without official word from Valve (they love to keep us running in circles), there’s barely any details asides from the fancy looking shotgun that appeared during the Mac update.

Well, not anymore! Valve has recently released a 13 page comic which details the Engineer’s generations that is somehow involved in the… uh… lore of TF2. Locked in a century worth of battle between two rival companies, the Engineer finds himself in a strange situation where he has to repair a Life-Extender Machine and… lots of guns?

Check it out yourself via the official page for the comic. With so much pages in there, you might accidentally trigger your own detective (or conspiracy) sense and find a few clues here and there. Will the Engineer make a dispenser that gives overheals? Will the Engineer make awesome looking guns? Will the Engineer fashion some kind of golden wrench that turns enemies into a gold statue when killed?

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