Terraria Or Minecraft?

Terraria or Minecraft? You decide!


Seeing how both games seem to be alike… I wonder which one would you guys prefer? It seems to me that both are breaking stuff, rebuilding stuff, making a cool house(or a base) and then killing things that try to attack you. It also seems like both games have a place known as “Hell”.

I personally don’t think any is better, since I’ve never tried Minecraft before. Although I’ve played Terraria before and find it cute, while I’ve only seen Netto play Minecraft, I can’t tell which is better. No big problem for me though, I could always try both if I want to!

I feel like both has the same concept of surviving, getting better items, exploring places, building forts/houses/bases which you can stay in and in Terraria, even go as high as, up to the skies where you build random platforms(I don’t even know how you do that… seems crazy and all to me). Seems to me that you will never reach a limit whenever you keep going up… or down either in Terraria. No idea on Minecraft though, maybe the endless explorations makes people think Terraria is better? Maybe so, maybe not!


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