TGS 2010: IDOLM@STER 2 Introduces An All-Boys Group

100% males, no traps involved!

If there’s any females playing IDOLM@STER, then this announcement will probably pique your interest. At the Tokyo Game Show, Namco Bandai threw a surprise announcement at fans with the introduction of an all-boys group called the Jupiter.

The group, made up of entirely males — no traps, unlike the DS version of IM@S — is populated by these three bishounens: Touma Amagase, Hokuto Ijuuin and Shouta Mitarai. They are introduced as part of IDOLM@STER 2’s latest idols in the game. The introduction came as a surprise announcement during the stage event for IM@S during TGS.

Not sure how their involvement in the game will affect player’s mood while playing the previously all-females cast, but Namco Bandai seems to be extremely interested in pushing the all-boys group out into the game. Jupiter, the name of the boy’s group, has received an official website and even a promotional video for one of their songs in the game.

One could probably assume that IDOLM@STER is no longer just catered towards the male audience with the inclusion of a boy’s group. Who knows, maybe Namco Bandai wants to start roping females into the game too?


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