The AKB48 Real-Life Visual Novel That Encourages Rejection

Probably one of the strangest things I’ve ever heard, but you’ve probably heard of a girl’s group in Japan called AKB48, yes? They are pretty popular and Namco Bandai thought it would be great to bring the 48 girls strong group into a real-life visual novel that somehow changes the whole meaning of finding your true love.

The game, called AKB1/48 will feature all 48 girls from the girl’s group and it’s your job to reject them all till you find the one you truly love. Apparently, all the girls in the game are in love with you straight at the start of the game and you would have to reject them in turn to until you reach the one that you love.

This is probably also one of the extremely rare cases where real-life videos and pictures are used. To maintain the AKB48 feeling, the game is build off real-life photographs and real-life video, not some illustration of the girl’s group. That means, not a single character in the game a drawn character, but rather photographed.

Namco Bandai had released a promotional video recently for your viewing pleasure too. Whatever you see in the video will pop up in the game itself, and it was mentioned that the game will feature over 80 minutes of real-life footage, as well as over 10,000 still photos.

AKB1/18 will be released on the PSP and will also be available as a bundle together with a PSP-3000 for those who really supports them. No release date has been announced.



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