The Dedication Of A Mangaka — Almost A Decade’s Promise


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Drawing manga is a kind of thing that not everyone enjoys. I mean, you will need to plan out the storyline and all the stuff, and still have to face all the people who are going to jeer at how bad your manga is going to come out as.

This post is entirely dedicated towards the author of One Piece, Oda Eiichiro, whom had brighten up the lives of oh-so-many people around the world with his amazing work of One Piece. Why do I dedicate this post to him? Simply because of one simple fact: this guy is legendary. I can’t find anymore words to describe him.

One Piece is currently 559 chapters long, and it has indeed come a very long way since it’s humble beginnings. While surfing the internet about One Piece for awhile, I came to realization of something. Something really interesting about the theory of characters that would “join” the line-up of main characters in One Piece.

While this would not exactly interest non-One Piece fans, it should be noted that Oda has actually more or less planned the entire One Piece story layout since the start of his particular manga. Why do I say that? Check out this particular image…


This particular image is taken from Chapter 97 of One Piece, quite early in it’s journey. While images doesn’t relay much at that point of time, it actually makes a whole load of sense when you’re actually around Chapter 500 into One Piece.

If you’ve watched/read One Piece before, you’ll instantly recognize that the right panel outfit that Nami is wearing closely resembles to that of Nico Robin. Don’t believe? Check out this:


Nico Robin is only introduced into the series at least several dozens chapters from the Chapter 97 where Nami had tried on the different clothing. That only means one thing: Oda actually has it planned the character Robin all the way from the start! It goes without saying, of course, that Robin was added the crew shortly after she was introduced in the manga.

This, however, is not yet called “amazing”. What’s to come is really something that would make you question how far One Piece has been planned, and how much work Oda has put into his manga…

Remember the left panel where Nami wears some sort of chinese clothing? Of course… chinese clothing aren’t exactly common in One Piece, and somehow or another, it somewhat coincides with one of the newest characters introduced into the series, Boa Hancock:


And she behaves exactly in the same kind of manner Nami had expressed during Chapter 97 when she was trying out the different outfit. Boa Hancock only appeared in the manga starting from Chapter 500+. Quite a long way from Chapter 97?

While all of these, of course, are speculation of how Oda does his work and which characters will end up in the Straw Hat’s pirate crew (he’s the one working on the manga after all), one really has to wonder if it’s  Oda has it all thought out from start to end. Simple maths reveals that it has been 8 years since the introduction of the “hints” at Chapter 97 and man, either that’s extreme coincidence or Oda simply has the whole story of One Piece written down and stored somewhere even before he started drawing his manga.

Sorry if this sounded a little too otaku to you, I’m a huge fan of One Piece. *coughs*

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