The “Hitler Rage” Meme Is Officially Over!

You know the whole Hitler raging meme that spread like wildfire over the internet? It looks like it’s about to come to it’s end soon.

After growing in immense popularity in 2007 due to an Xbox Live incident, the Hitler getting all angry scene from the 2003 movie  — Downfall — has been used in almost every single aspect of raging you see today. The scene was subtitled with Hitler being upset about something more trivial than his losing war. For example, Twitter going down, raging about Modern Warfare 2 not having dedicated servers, how Kyoto Animation toys with their viewer with Endless Eight and the list just goes on!

However, it looks like these clips featuring Hitler being angry at petite things will be taken down very soon, as film owner Constantin Films had decided that enough is enough and field a copyright claim with YouTube — where majority of these Hitler subtitled videos are located at — and as a result, many of these videos have since been taken down.

If you’ve yet to watch this particular Meme, you might want to have at least a look before it’s gone. Who knows when the embedded video below will be removed by YouTube?

It’s pretty strange though, considering that Constantin Films had allowed the video to go unnoticed for the past 3 years and had only recently started taking action. It might be possible that they allowed the meme to grow so that it would actually bring back some profit for themselves and once they had enough, they started pulling down all the videos. Pretty sad for those who had actually planned and subtitled these videos, but I guess it’s not all that bad, right?

Well Hitler, it has certainly been a good run!

Via: Open Video Alliance.

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