There Are Times You Have To Slow Down!

In the country of Singapore, all able-bodied male citizens who are above the age of 16 and 1/2 would be required to go through something called National Service. With that, that means I’m enlisting really soon (probably less than 12hrs from this post) and won’t be able to tend to the site as much as I’ve used to.

You might have already seen a slow-down in the amount of posts I do these days. In the previous months and weeks, I’ve been clearing as much backlog of life as possible, reducing the amount of time I can spend on other hobbies such as this site.

If all things goes well, after the initial period of confinement, I’ll probably be back every week to do some updates here and there. The “In This Week:” is a condensed post of a single week’s worth of news that is probably relevant and interesting, since I don’t really have time considering most of my time would probably be spent in a camp!

In RPG terms:

* Black Mage (national service) casted Slow on NotCliche!

* NotCliche is slowed down! ATB bar fills up slower!

P.S: Yes, it’s my drawing up there :(.

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