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Hideo Kojima is perhaps one of the most well-known figure whole of the gaming industry. Bringing players some of the best games anyone can provide, Kojima had carved out quite a name for himself.

Of course, Kojima is probably most famous for his works on Metal Gear Solid and his wacky games that has the storyline scattered all over the different games which eventually led to some confusion for many players out there. However, during a recent interview done by Eurogamers, it seems that the players aren’t just the ones that are confused.

Anyone who had played more than 2 games of Metal Gear Solid would realise something: the storyline doesn’t flow. It happens so that Metal Gear Solid 3 takes place after Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2, while Metal Gear Solid 4 takes place after all the 3. Of course, along the way, there are plenty other Metal Gear games and it makes it extremely difficult for anyone sane to keep track of what’s happening here and there.

Before you guys start thinking about which storylines fits each other, here’s a video to start it off:

Apparently, Kojima had also encountered with the same problems as many players would: getting messed up because of all the jumping of timelines.

Actually, strange you ask, because I personally get confused too about the whole timeline and saga of Metal Gear Solid. This is especially tricky when you create the future first and then go back in time to create something new. There are a lot of small aspects where sometimes it doesn’t match completely.

Oh, Kojima, we understand how it is like. It has been mindblowing to play your games as I try to match up what’s happening.

Other than the whole issue of getting confused with his own storyline, Kojima had shed some light on the upcoming Metal Gear games. Peace Walker for the PSP will be related to the original storyline, while the newer Metal Gear Rising will be on a completely different storyline that takes place in the future. Other than that, nothing much came out from the famous game maker as he had been known to have kept his lips tight about his games be extremely busy.


Via: Kotaku.

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