To Love Or Hate Yanderes?

When this happens, it’s a good indication for you to run!

Probably one of the more well-known traits in the whole list of traits we usually encounter in both anime and manga, the yandere trait. Now now, don’t be shy. Everyone probably has their own fair share of liking a particular trait, be it the tsundere trait that exist in Taiga or Asuka, or even the yandere trait that exist in Rena and Nikki, there’s bound to be people liking this particular trait that is extremely loving, yet deadly at the same time.

While some people love yanderes for their undying love part, there are also others who are more into the vicious and violent part of the trait. As more and more yanderes related characters appears in our daily anime and mangas, it’s somewhat disturbing that people are getting more and more attracted towards these kind of characters.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t exactly hate yanderes, but yanderes are usually portrayed in a manner where they would have no qualms on dispensing the hurt, or even the verdict of death to their loved ones. Maybe I got that previous part a little off, but you can’t deny that yanderes these days are usually seen brandishing some sort of weapon — be it a cleaver or an axe — and most of the time, these weapons have blood stains all over them.

Good time to pull the plug, don’t you think?!

However, despite the violent nature of yanderes that are being displayed these days, there is actually an extremely redeeming quality that almost no other traits has in comparison to yanderes. That is the undying love and commitment they have towards their chosen one. While it is a redeeming quality of the trait, it does still bring about a few problems for the poor guy on the receiving end.

Being the center of attention of the girl is great and all, but there are times where people would need a break from all of these attention. While being extremely loving and dedicated, a yandere might not have the understanding to give their partners some free time of their own. When not with the partner, a yandere might start to feel insecure about their position in the person’s life and start to display their sense of insecurity in manners that might ultimately lead to a bad and bloody relationship. Not a happy picture, to be honest.

Of course, a yandere isn’t all bad and all, since there are good outcomes if the yandere does comes to an understanding with their partner. But with the generalization of the trait by anime and manga these days as more of a killer than a lover, one can’t help but to think if the loving trait of a yandere will be displayed to their fullest potential.

The question still stands though: would you rather have a loving, yet deadly partner with you? I’m as sure as hell I wouldn’t want them anywhere near me.

If you’re on the fence about yanderes, how about a little more convincing?

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