Toaru Majutsu no Index 2 Pre-Order DVD/BD Bundles Extra Anime

Yes, I know this doesn’t have much relation to Index’s story itself, but still…

The official website for Index 2 has recently updated itself with some information regarding the pre-orders of the first volume for Index 2. Both DVD/BD pre-orders will be bundled together with an extra disc containing extra anime/content, and the first pre-orders will be shipped on the 26th January 2011.

Tentatively named as the “Special Disc”, the extra disc contains video comments from the cast and promotional footage for the anime itself. There’s also the limited edition version of the pre-orders for first volume, and these limited edition copies comes with more content, in the form of an extra Railgun light novel, as well as multiple MP3s of the Index 2 web-radio program.

Not only that, all orders of either DVD or BD will be bundled together with a light novel volume. There’s no word which volume is bundled though.

Excellent time for any Index fans to get their hands on both the light novel and anime at once. Now, if only they would bundle the manga alongside with the next volume…


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