True Tears Special Epilogue For Blu-Ray Confirmed!

Still remember that announce in early November last year regarding a special 3-minutes epilogue for the Blu-Ray version of True Tears? It looks like it’s finally confirmed and will be coming with all Blu-Ray discs when it’s released!

As many would have known by now, there was a “special” promotion of some sorts sometime during November last year, where the animating studio had mentioned that they would make a 3-minutes special epilogue which features unaired and new footages, only if pre-order counts for the Blu-Ray version of True Tears had exceed over 2,000 by 26th March 2010. The confirmation of the 3-minutes production came in this Monday, saying that the amount of pre-orders had already went past the 2,000 mark, and that’s well ahead of the deadline!

The Blu-Ray disc, containing all 13 episodes of the anime, will be about 376-minute long, with 62 minutes of video extras. Other than the 3-minutes special epilogue which depicts the future main character after the 13th and final episode of the anime, the Blu-Ray also contains 20 minutes of real-life footage that had inspired the anime itself, definitely a treat for any True Tears fans out there.

Other goodies includes contain the same mini-character four-panel skit videos, Kochira Tulip Hōsōkyoku Internet radio program spinoff, credit-less opening and ending animation footage, four kinds of warning narration, and collection of commercials and promotional videos as the DVD version had.

Via: ANN.


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