TYPE-MOON’s “Take Moon” Getting Anime Adaptation

Are you a fan of TYPE-MOON’s work? Here’s a big treat for those who are absolutely in love with TYPE-MOON’s works. Take-Moon, a manga side-story project which is created by TYPE-MOON staff member artist Takenashi Eri is currently having the series adapted into an anime.

Take-Moon incorporates a variety of TYPE-MOON’s best works into one particular comedic series. Popular series such as Tsukihime, MELTY BLOOD and even Fate Stay/Night has some form of “participation” in Take-Moon, with their respective series’ characters in hilarious situations that aren’t covered by their respective original series. Think Take-Moon as a massive manga with all of your favourite TYPE-MOON characters in it.

Not much information has been revealed at this point of time. Kishi Seiji, the director of Angel Beats! has also been confirmed for the director’s position in the anime production, but other staffers in the project has yet to be announced or revealed.


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