[UNBALANCE] by Dios, and some others…

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Seems like today ain’t that bad either, since there are three notable out of the day’s list.

First up, we have [UNBALANCE] by Dios as stated above, and well…He made front page in this post cause Tamura’s the artist of the pictures, with some other guy making it into a PV. What? Can’t I be bias based on the illustration used? Moreover, quite a number of his previous work are in my list like [Transmit], [Step and Go] and some of the few moonies that I am too lazy to go figure out what they are in romaji.

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Read more inside for the others~

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Next up, we have [Shooting Star], a collaboration work by hmtk and kumaa@Taken. A rather calming and cute song, with a wonderful PV that fits to boot! It might get into top 50 tomorrow, if nothing goes wrong.

Don’t know much about hmtk, but kumaa@Taken other notable works include [STAR] and [Season].

Artist website

Kumaa@Taken : http://piapro.jp/yahhotake

hmtk : http://piapro.jp/hamataku

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Lastly, we have [I Shin Denshin] by Yashikin, and is some new guy who I don’t know much about. Luckily, he readily provided his site and seems to hope more people would listen to his work. Hell, just treat this as a free advertisement for him then! On a side note, no one loves Kaito.

Artist website


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