Unreal Tournament 3 — Free Weekend This Week!


After TF2’s major update that has brought about a storm of hate and love, Epic Games is bringing Unreal Tournament 3 to your computer for free this weekend.

While the game is not as new as it used to be, it still has some of the best graphics and best kind gaming ever. Killing anyone you see. Shoot anyone you see. Generally, just go wild and unleash your ammo on everything you see.

Dubbed Unreal Tournament 3 Black, there’s a variety of game mode which the player can play on. One of the most epic game mode will have to be Warfare, where maps spans around the size of Battlefield games, loaded to the brim with vehicles and weapons and mass destruction.

Of course, UT3 will be running for free this weekend via Steam. Now there’s absolutely no reason for you not to get Steam. If you’re interested, you can get Steam (if you don’t have it yet) and preload the game this instance, while waiting for the weekend to do some massive fragging.

Even if you’re not into fragging, you could use some Unreal Tournament OST at that too!


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