Ushering Into 2011 With a New Look!

ika musume alternate hairstyle

Artwork by: イヅミチト @ Pixiv

With the first day of 2011 behind us now, I think it’s about time for me to roll out a new look for NotCliche!

Strangely, the last major change of layout came around this time too. Fortunately, this is more or a voluntarily change of layout, instead of being forced due to upgrading of WordPress versions.

Like always, I hope the new layout would be easier on the eyes for people and ultimately, deliver more content and information as and when you need it. Some of the more visible changes includes left and right sidebars (the old one used to have two right sidebars) as well as a more informative frontpage.

Over the course of the next few days, I’ll still be tweaking certain things, just to make things look good. If you’ve got any comments, or any incidents with broken pages (i know there’s definitely some) here and there, you might want to drop by the contact form and give us a heads up.

You might notice some funky thumbnails everywhere, just the theme doing it’s (extremely) slow work. Wonder how can I resolve that…

The new layout also uses a new commenting system called Disqus. I’ve been looking at ways to reduce load (the previous comment system was heavily plugin’d) as well as improving the comment system for sometime now, and I think Disqus actually fits the bill pretty well. It has full integration with Gravatars, so there’s no need to worry about your avatars disappearing when you do comments!

I’ll also be working on a couple more stuffs (such as the reintroduction of live blogroll), so keep a look out for it.

Now that’s done and over with, here’s wishing for an amazing 2011! Look out for more stuffs coming soon!

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