Valkyria Chronicles 3 Might Be Announced Soon

Valkyria Chronicles is a popular game. Really popular at that too. With the second game’s release date around the corner for the North America version, a third game in the series which is yet unannounced, might receive some news soon.

Although SEGA hasn’t formally announced plans for Valkyria Chronicles 3 yet, they had registered the domain name “” back in May. For many games and movies, registering a domain name first is probably one of the earliest signs of a developing title and SEGA is probably having plans of, or maybe even developing it right now, Valkyria Chronicles 3!

Furthermore, previous Valkyria Chronicles games used “” and “” as their homepages. “” is currently passworded thus not allowing public viewing of the site.

While the registration of “” is a surefire way of telling if SEGA is actually interested in making a third game, this however, doesn’t mean that we’ll get to see Valkyria Chronicles 3 out anytime soon.

Via: Siliconera.

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