Valkyrie Sky – 2nd Beta Test First Impressions (Joint Post)


Ziddy : Today is the 2nd day of Valkyrie Sky’s 2nd Beta Test and it will run for a week (18th-24th) . Some of you might not know what Valkyrie Sky is, so I’m going to fill you in.

Valkyrie Sky is the first Massively Multiplayer Online Role Shooting Game (MMORSG?) which features 4 different basic classes (12 classes in total), challenging stages with friends and bullet hell. In short, touhou, co-op and shoot em up fans will feel right at home with this game. Best of all, it’s not a foreign game. It’s hosted by gamengame so if you have a game account there you will be able to play it easily.

You can play stages with incremental difficulty with a maximum of 3 friends together. If you do well in these stages you might even break the stage record!


Each class has it’s own advantages/disadvantages and ways they can help the party which is quite unique to the shoot em up genre. For example, Swordsman can erase/deflect bullets (aka Konpaku Youmu from Touhou) with their regular attack, Magician’s can attack more than one enemy at a time and so on. Everyone has the same hitbox, which is the character sprite.

As you level up you get stats and skills where you get improve your character in typical RPG fashion. You also get to equip your character. These are common in RPG games but it’s unique to see them in shoot em up games.

Here are some gameplay videos that I have recorded to get your interest going (VOLUME WARNING FOR 19/2). If you want the link to the game, please scroll down to the end of this post.

Green Wood – Final Stage [19/2]
Valkyrie Sky Video #1

Black Cloud – Final Stage [19/2]
Valkyrie Sky Video #2

Mist Cloud – Final Stage [21/2]
Valkyrie Sky Video #3

Buggy Drop Rates [21/2]

Valkyrie Sky Video #4

Netto: I started playing this game only yesterday… kind of addictive if you ask me. Simple gameplay, but still fun! The only thing I complain is that the difficulty is somewhat ugh at the later levels.

Another thing that I’ve noticed about the game is the use of stamina points. These stamina points doesn’t affect how much you can run or anything, since you barely do anything to do with running in the whole game. Stamina points affects how many times that you’re allowed to engage in a stage.

This means that you wouldn’t be able to rush madly, or even spend your entire day playing the game without resting at all. However, hardcore MMO players would think this as a limiter… but at least you get to do some recreational things while waiting for your stamina to come back!

To get back your stamina, there are several ways to do it. One of them is to listen to the music that people play. Yes, listening to music will recover your stamina. The amount of stamina varies according to what the other player is playing. These music pieces are acquired at the store, and you need a musical instrument to start playing. What’s better is that you can actually charge people to listen your music. So, in a sense, you’re offering a service here. You play music and get paid to recover people’s stamina, pretty neat huh?

Of course, nothing is that easy. You need to level up your expertise in the instrument areas to gain access to better songs, and of course, better effects for the songs. You can level up your expertise by playing more songs… that’s about it.

The other ways to recover includes cooking and fishing and regenerating SP at night. Each have their own special way of getting back SP. Although I would say, listening to music is probably the fastest way out of all the options that are available.

Valkyrie Sky also gives a whole range of quests which will aid you with items, money and experience points. The quests are very laid out, because the quests are usually only available when you’ve finally outleveled the area that you’re supposed to be at. In a sense, the quests can also serve as beacons for where you’re supposed to level.

Each “dungeon” in Valkyrie Sky contains a maximum of 5 stages, with the last stage as the boss stage. In all 3 dungeons that I’ve been, the 3rd stage usually contains a mini-boss, and somehow, I would think the mini-boss can be tougher than the actual boss in the whole dungeon.

Valkyrie Sky also has good music to go along with it. The music is fitting for all the situations (e.g boss battle, mini-boss, normal stages) and it gives a really good feeling while playing the game.


Revo: I’ve played the game yesterday and it was fun and quite addicting that I ended up playing till midnight without knowing. The game is not repetitive as the wave of monsters in stages are randomly selected, meaning you can end up getting waves of strong monsters for the first time and get relatively weaker ones on a second run in the same stage.

The stamina bar and the day-night system is probably provided as a break to people who plays stage runs in the morning and rest out in the night as night time consumes more stamina than in daytime, meaning towns are usually crowded once night falls in game. As Netto mentioned, there are plenty of ways to increase your stamina while you wait out for daytime to come around. The most common ways are usually listening/playing music, fishing and cooking.

As Valkyrie Sky is a different genre than the typical MMO, you’d feel yourself grinding stages repeatedly without realizing or actually feeling bored at it. It’s definitely a game  for people who want to play something different from MMORPGs.

Ziddy: If you want to contact us in the game, here are our IGNs (In Game Name).

  • Ziddy – Level 20 Sorcerer
  • Kronosfere – Level 20 Tamer
  • Revo – Level 18 Knight
  • Hazuha – Level 22 Fighter (Silencer)
  • Netto – Level 19 Ranger
  • Narcissus – Level 13 Archer (Kurohagane)

P.S The random pictures in the post that has nothing to do with Valkyrie Sky are our Author Avatars.

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