Valkyrie Sky — Reopening It’s Doors On The 21th!


Yeees, it’s back!

If you’ve heard or even play of Valkyrie Sky before, here’s a good chance for you to pick up the MMO again.

Yes, you’ve seen it right. Valkyrie Sky, that particular Shoot ‘Em up MMORPG is coming back with a new host called, and it will be launched on the 21th of October.

You can grab the client now if you want, as well as registering an account with them. However, all traces of your previous account that was hosted by gamengame will be wiped, because of the difference in hosters. Do note that the phase that people would be entering from 21th October is named the “Closed Beta Phase”. While it isn’t exactly Closed Beta, since everyone can join, there’s is actually a reward for all the player as long as they participated in the beta.

There are 2 events that will be running during the CBT (closed beta test), namely a survey event, as well as a contest event. Survey is rather straight forward, and it’s limited to the first 100 players. The first 100 players will be entitled to in game currency, while the top 10 players from the 100 players will be able to have priority over name selection (what?).

The contest event is a competition that spans across the whole game. The top 10 players from each different classes of the game will be able to receive an exclusive game item that would ultimately help them in the leveling process. Both events doesn’t last long however, as the first event lasts till the 6th of November, while the second lasts till the 3th. Pretty short of a time.

If you haven’t heard or even seen of Valkyrie Sky before, and is interested in how this MMORPG is actually in the Shoot ‘Em Up genre, you can always drop by this post for a microreview on how Valkyrie Sky is actually about.

Now, I’m sure some of the NotCliche team people will be joining the CBT of Valkyrie Sky, so if you’re interested in the game, you can drop by a simple comment stating which IGN you might be taking so we can actually get together and interact in the game!

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