Valve Wants To Be Given Special Treatment To Call Off Boycott Too


After giving those boycott-ers some special treatment themselves, it seems that Valve wants to have a fair share of being specially treated too. Australian L4D modder Joe had recently started off a campaign to fly Valve CEO Gabe Newell over to Australia because of a certain interesting e-mail exchange they had.

I’m sure everyone remembers that there were a group of L4D2 boycott-ers running around since the announcement of L4D2. Just a couple days ago, Valve had specially flown the admins of the boycott group to Valve’s HQ to playtest the game itself. Joe saw this and replied this:

Although I personally have been privileged enough to have conversed with Valve’s CEO, Gabe Newell, many times by email, and even to have been sent a signed, cardboard X800XT from him (he’s a pretty awesome dude), I have not once – not one time – been flown to Valve to play their games early!

And so, he decided to drop Gabe an e-mail indicating that he should be flown over because they just have to playtest his campaign! Valve, however, had decided to “boycott” his campaign, and well.. here we are!

Here’s the transcript of their e-mail. You can check out the e-mail itself in the image located in this link.

Joe: Why the hell haven’t I been flown to Valve? I mean, you guys need to preview my campaign.”
Gabe: We are boycotting your campaign.
Joe: Does that mean I have to fly you here?
Gabe: Me and Erik.

And so, Joe is currently raising funds for getting both Gabe and Erik over to his house to playtest his campaign personally. In the event that Gabe and Erik decline his offer, then the money raised will be donated towards Child’s Play Charity. So, if you’ve got some money to spare, why not chip in and help out in the cause?

Currently standing about almost two thousand dollars now (goal is about two thousand four hundred), it seems that the campaign is going to be over very soon! Check out the blog/status of the fund raising here!

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