Vocaloid 101, What should you remember in March?


We’re nearing the end of March, but there really is something you need to remember this month. It’s a special month for Kagamine Rin’s fan and also where a PV made many cried for year 2008. This particular video also came to close comparison in terms of popularity and quality to メルト(Melt) and had fought to stay to stay on top 50 in the ranking for a few months.

The video is named ココロ(Kokoro), which meant Heart in English. I think I showed this video around the blog once, but this PV is so popular that it is one of the few video that exceed 100,000 hits in a month, from early March to end March.

The video in question for heretics readers and fans alike.

The following is the original video and music. Most viewers wouldn’t know what it is about, sadly. For those that really want to know more about it, read on inside with those teary videos…

(For those that just want a simple summary of ココロ, just ignore all the videos.)

ココロ was created by someone known as トラボルタP and released to the NicoNico population on 3/3/2008. On its first day of release, the video hit 4000 view , and subsequently to almost 100000 view before the end of March.

Artist webpage : http://mmmusic.yu-nagi.com/

ココロ(Kokoro) can be said to be the best work of the artist himself, well at least for me that is the case. I find his other videos…Lacking something. But whatever, let us get on with today’s topic.

Better PV, now with english lyrics.

Subsequently, someone started making videos of ココロ with Len inside it as the ‘Father’ of Rin. It then later lead to something like an answer to Rin’s Kokoro by the Professor. The PV is as below…

However, this version of ココロ was not made by the original artist, but rather by someone else. The artist for this version goes by the name of ジュンP. It was nicely done, but I still hate Len’s voice for whatever reason that pissed me off…

The more retro style of ココロ, which really fit this song.

Don’t ever run the program, for your body might not be able to take it.

This PV is called ココロ-Thousand After-.

It is supposed to be what happened to Rin after her ‘Father’ died. She stayed as a machine without a heart for a thousand years, and by chance, her logical system activated ココロ(Kokoro). This was made by the original artist of ココロ after Len’s answer to Rin’s Kokoro video started circulating around, as in to explain how Len is able to heard Rin’s song from the future.

Authour’s Corner

Since 3/3/2008 was supposed to be the date where ココロ was released, yet I am writing on 28th March…Kinda strange isn’t it? No, it has nothing to do with my lazy ass >.> I am also one of the few to contribute to the 4000 hits on 3/3/2008, but why am I writing today? Today, 28/3/2009, is the first anniversary for the project to make a PV that will really touched everyone’s heart.

And the PV is none other than…This!

I have taken the liberty to find a video that include english subs through the frightening list in AnimeSuki, so hopefully you cried to this video. This is the first Kokoro video that made my eyes swell with tears ;-; And still doing the same thing whenever I watch it…

To note, it is also one of my favourite Vocaloid video after メルト(melt) and my current ringtone.

There are still other notable PV of ココロ…And now to show you the two that are the best for me.

Only known 3D PV of ココロ, but they kind of mess everything up even at the name part…So kind of fail, but hey! At least they put it the effort to make a 3D PV of it!

This is considered the Final Version of Kokoro by many, where it involves Rin’s discovery of ココロ and Len’s answer to Rin’s ココロ. The art is well done, but I have no idea who drew it. I only knew that both artist for the original ココロ and Len’s ココロ work together to produce this.

ココロ’s Summary (All Arc)


A Professor created a Robot(Rin) whose capabilities compared to others are so high, that it is viewed by others and himself as a miracle for such a machine to be created. This robot was supposed to be modelled after his deceased daughter and he stressed himself to create a system that act as emotion for her. However, over the years he grew older while he worked on the system.

Finally, he managed to create the system. However, he found out that the system is incompatible to the robot. And as such, he despaired over the fact that he himself cannot teach her what emotion is. In the end, he left the system in her, but warned her never to activate it as her body cannot withstand it.


More years passes, as the Professor grew older, ‘she’ never change. He is now old, very old…And he knew that his time was about to end. He then decided to head to a cherry tree outside his estate, where the grave of his daughter was. The Professor pat the Robot on her head and said that he will be going out for awhile, and so the robot waited for his return. However, he sat next to his daughter’s grave and passed away.

A thousand year passes, certain events wipe out most of humanity. But the robot stays on in her father’s lab, waiting his return. But this time, instead of waiting, she read through her father’s records. She then found ココロ in her system and recalled his warning. Nonetheless, she activated it, and just for that time, a miracle occurred. She has gain emotions, a heart to call her own. Throughout the years of waiting for him, she knew that the Professor is dead and the overwhelming emotions kept for a thousand years flow out of her. She cried and laughed at the same time, unable to control herself.

She cried because she is sad that her father is dead. She laughed because she remembers the time she spent with him. Eventually, she started to calmed down. And with her own free will, she walks towards the decaying cherry tree now covered by a field of yellow flower. She sat beside the remains of her father, and played the videos of her father and his real daughter playing under the cherry blossom and cried. She then started singing for him, for his sake. She knew her body will overload under the stress of ココロ. And before the miracle ended for her, she continues singing for his sake.


And now, another miracle occurred. Her song was received by herself of the past, one that exist in an alternate timeline. The robot in the other timeline played the song for the Professor, and suddenly he could see into the future and meet with her that exist in the future. He reached out to her and the moment he touched her, the robot from the future started experiencing the possibility she could have with her father if ココロ was activated and improvised then. In the alternate timeline, the Professor no longer feel the robot of the future, but her from the past continue to sing the song intended for him.

She continues to weep as she sang, for the sadness was too much for her to handle, and so did the one from the alternate timeline. Their father cried, for he realizes that his fear of destroying her was what that could have destroyed her.

Eventually, she stopped singing and falls to the ground, her body overloaded…

While in the alternate timeline, her father worked to his utmost to prevent the same future from happening…

To them, miracles do happen.


The first miracle was the creation of the robot, her birth into this world.

The second miracle was to allow her own words to travel through time to reach the one she holds dear.

The third miracle was for her father to prevent the same future for happen.

And the fourth miracle…

In the alternate timeline, her father and her live happily forever. Until the time of his death, she continued to stay by his side, forever singing for him.

Somehow, the future her noticed this while gradually losing conscious…But before her death, it was said that she looks like an angel, forever happy despite her fate.

And for the fourth miracle…It was the miracle that allows miracles to happen.

With her last breath…She said…

“Thank you…Father…”

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